Holiday Knitting Crunch – Not

Like a lot of knitters, I knit holiday gifts. The more I knit them, the earlier I start – I used to start around October, but that usually was crazyland, so in fact I’ve been knitting gifts since August (with the help of a fractured ankle that reduced my activity by quite a bit).

Now that the holidays are upon us (and even in the midst of, counting Hanukkah), I finally looked at my gift and giftee list, and came up with three projects:

– 2 hats for boyfriends of younger cousins (I’m using Jared Flood’s Turn a Square) pattern in some tweedy stuff and silk garden). I started this one last night – it’s pretty fast – I did this in about 2 hours

Turn a square hat 2a

– and one more Gatsby necklace (unstarted)

Speaking of the Gatsby necklace, If you are local and would like to get in on the last-minute giftedness of the Gatsby necklace, I’m teaching it twice in the next week at Bluebird.

Sunday, November 8th – 1 pm, and

Tuesday, November 10th – 1 pm.

Call Bluebird Yarn and Fiber at 415-331-9276 to reserve your spot.

But back to gift knitting – I’m really relieved that I didn’t pile on the knitted gifts this year – I am working on a sweater for my cousin with Customfit, but that is really a long-term knit, so I don’t feel I have to finish by Christmas.

How about you? What’s your knit-gift strategy this year?