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A belated well-wishes

One of the delights of living in the SF Bay Area is that we have so many lovely yarn stores. One of them is A Verb for Keeping Warm, which just celebrated its fifth anniversary in its current location. There was new, unique, organic, USA-grown and manufactured yarn, an indigo dip, and of course, seeing everyone.

Over the years, the store has grown and changed a lot. For the party, most of the spinning stuff took a backseat, as the new version of Pioneer yarn was proudly displayed, (see below). There’s also a very much expanded sewing wing to the store.  It was full and busy, just like I’d like to see all fiber stores!

This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I still am excited by it. I got to meet one of my favorite podcasters, Nicole of the Stash and Burn podcast. She is as delightful as that photo shows, and she saw me and recognized me from my ravatar. I always forget people know what my face looks like!

with Nicole of Stash and Burn

Nicole has caught the sewing bug, and told me about her adventures in sewing panties (as in underpants). I was fascinated, but it’s not likely to happen at my house until the Zombie apocalypse.

And for dropping a fair amount of cash, I got a free project bag that we could all dip into the indigo dye vat. A lovely momento!

awfkw bag

And yes, there was yarn, but some of that is a secret gift, so it must wait to be revealed. Here’s what I can show:
Pioneer yarn

Organic wool, spun by the folks at Green Mountain Spinnery, naturally-dyed by Kristine at Verb. So yummy!

Here’s hoping that the next five years continues to bring fiber goodness to all.

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