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Tech Tip Tuesday: Backing Buttons for Button Bands

Buttons can make or break a garment. Drooping buttons are a drag. I have some drooping buttons on a sweater myself, and they really bug me!

But how can you prevent the droopage? Backing buttons! These are small plain buttons that you attach through the button band so that there is something on the other side to hold the button in place.

I’m currently finishing my Dark and Stormy sweater which is coming out very well – the fit is good but loose for casual wear. I love the buttons that I got for it!

The fashion button and the backing button are two different sizes:



I got a 100 buttons through a service company to dry cleaners, but just search for backing buttons, and you’ll find them. Buy a bunch at one time, I’m still working through the first 100. Now sometimes I will add a grosgrain ribbon treatment on the back of the button band, but in this case, I didn’t think the weight of the buttons would be an issue, so I’m going sans ribbon.

Essentially, I am making a button sandwich with the buttons as the “bread” (pro-tip – don’t eat it!):


I sew on the buttons together, going through the fabric and the other button with the same thread. On the front, things look really good:

IMG_1899and everything is tidy on the back as well!




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Thanks. I’m getting all my plans together for the trip. So excited to be going back and taking classes this time!

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