Of Socks and Spinning, and More

Some socks are proceeding nicely. The Christmas socks are done, done, done (ok, weaving of ends not done, you know what I mean), and I’m very happy with how they came out! Leave it to fine folks Regia to have such a great colorway (Saturn Galaxy,  now sadly discontinued) that it pops when used as an accent. I love that when worn, these will be very conservative socks, only the wearer will know about the fun they contain!

Christmas socks

The sock-a-thon for Afghans for Afghans continues with donated yarn, socks to be dyed after completion, since that is a bit hard at the moment with the foot in boot thing. This pair uses a simple waffle-rib stitch pattern:

Afghans for afghans socks

The Pret-Pret-Pretties socks are on hold as the designer has had other priorities, and with the 80 degree weather here, I can certainly wait a while to finish those.

Spinning is going great guns as well — I’m spinning up four natural colors of Targhee – will have about 10-12 oz, probably a DK-ish yarn, and I’m contemplating an actual sweater!!! See the pretty colors? There will be more of the cream color (thanks, Suzaane!).

Targhee fiber mid-spin

And I’m also about to spin into a new interim position with the gathered community of First United Methodist Church of Vallejo, CA.  They are a downtown congregation (yay – back to urban ministry!), and figuring out life and love in the 21st century.  I know that I don’t know what I don’t know, so it will be a learning curve, but one that I hope will be good for all of us. I start this coming Sunday, September 1st!

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Yes, it will be interesting. Back to security systems and the like, but that’s part of the charm, right? It’s just a k2, p2 for two rounds, then throw a purl round. Very easy!

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