Getting to Meet the Knitterati

In the knitting world, I tend to call the superstars of knitting the Knitterati. Knitterati come in a variety of forms – most often they are designers and teachers, because as knitters, they are the ones who come up with the fun stuff for us to knit. And the ones I have met are almost always lovely and down to earth, because outside the knitting world, they are just normal people. For example, I was interviewing for a job, and we came to the question about what I do when I’m not doing the work thing, and I mentioned that I teach knitting. One of the interviewers then tells me his friend, a guy, works in orthopedics but does this teaching to knitters thing, and sure enough, it was Carson Demers, who’s classes I have never been able to get into!

Yesterday I got to spend time with another kind of Knitterati:


His name is Stacy Charles, of Tahki Stacy Charles fame. He makes yarn, lots and lots of yarn. He’s on a West Coast tour of yarn stores and the like, getting intelligence about what the world of knitting is up to, and I was invited to hang a bit with him. Unlike some of the more recently started yarn companies, he is not a “face” for the company the way some others are (although he has a lovely face – just sayin’).

In addition to having been in the world of yarn-making for over 3 decades (his aunt was the first person to introduce the USA to the whole line of Annie Blatt yarns, which is how he got into the business), he is charming, encouraging, curious and insightful. I walked out feeling a whole lotta excitement about the world of knitting, and the people who inhabit the world.

Thanks, Stacy – you are a delight in person, and I will smile every time I use one of your yarns!

Unpaid offering: If you go to their website, you can sign up for their weekly email, and I hear from my LYS owner that their Facebook page is inspirational.