I might be a little addicted.

I am loving beads and knitting and necklaces, and I even get to teach about it – one sold-out class at Bluebird Yarn and Fiber on Saturday, and another coming up on Sunday, July 28th at 12 noon. There’s a new sample I knit at the store, and I wanted to try out some linen yarn from Shibui.
Beaded Neckace

This will be for my friend Carol, who hosted me on my Montana trip.
Beaded Neckace

A little addicted, but it’s legal (for now).

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That is really beautiful!!
Alas, I live far from the west coast and can’t take your class (as much as I’d love to). Can you recommend any books or web tutorials? I think pieces like that would make lovely gifts this holiday for some in my family.

That is beautiful. I love this pattern too and have knit a lot of them. I always tell my recipients that they are super complicated and took me days to make. You and I know better!

Yes, it’s nice to say things like – “Well, you have to pre-string all the beads” like it takes hours and hours to do so…


I used the yarn called for in the store sample (that is a shiny novelty yarn – nice tho), but almost any smooth sport-fingering weight yarn will work – Tahki Classic lite cotton, sock yarn, etc. The one you see was using Shibui Knits linen, because I had some leftovers.

Thanks! I was thinking linen would be a good choice because it’s a strong fiber and would support the beads… But never having made anything like this before I wasn’t sure!

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