Tour de Fleece – Day 13

The Tour is progressing, and so is my spinning. I don’t think I’ve spun this much yarn ever, so yay for this tour to get me going.

My current projects are a study in contrasts. I’m doing a batt from Crosspatch Creations, and I love, love, love this funky yarn so much!

Tour de Fleece

I’m thinking of a large cowl, and maybe saving a bit to do an edging for a coordinated hat with some smooth yarn.  And the big spindle really worked for both the singles and the plying.

In contrast, I need a sport-ish weight smooth yarn for another team I am on – and for this, I am spinning some pencil roving that I bought when I was at Rhinebeck two years ago (and plans are to go again – yay work life that syncs to important fiber events). I’m not sure why I bought it, because the colors are kinda meh, so it’s nice to have something to use it for, or make space for incoming fiber, but let’s not talk about that quite yet.  Here’s where my multiple shaft KCL spindle comes in handy.  I weighed out .75 oz bumps, and then spun four of them, one on each shaft.  They’re just sittting in a row, resting for a bit before I ply them together:

Tour de Fleece

And with that plying done, I hope that my planned Tour projects will be complete, as I have a lot of other things in the works – patterns to complete, submissions to make, and a conference to lead for my real work!