Tour de Fleece – Day Three

I’ve made some progress on two f my Tour projects. I’ve plied about 1/2 of the lovely lace BFL:


And also I did some of the very fun batt:


All the color and little bits are so fun to see. This will make a fun accessory.

Most of the spinning occurred on Saturday and today, because yesterday was a very full day. It started off worshipping with the good folks at Christ Presbyterian, where Pastor Linda encouraged us to go Barefoot in church — we were invited to walk the labyrinth out side (which was a total ouch moment). After a cup of coffee and bagel, I was off to six hours to be trained as a lifeguard assistant. I was laughably bad at the swimming, but made it through, and did well enough to pass.

Th last part of the day was a craft night at church. Linda knits and does lots of crafts, so she was open to having this. Her 7th grade son came to learn how to knit, which he did. Linda says that he now is saying, “I can’t believe that I’m knitting!” I’m thinking he needs to knit a hat soon.

Evangelism takes many forms. Knitting isn’t Jesus or God but I think crafting is pretty close to spiritual practice.