By Design

I just got a lovely book by the knitting maven Sally Melville, who used to write books all the time with XRX books. Somehow, there was a falling out, and she isn’t anymore, but she just published an amazing book called Knitting Pattern Essentials. (She also has a great blog – if you like check it out here.)

But back to the book. This is a terrific book for anyone who wants to adapt patterns, copy a favorite sweater, or design a brand new one.  It’s simple chock-full of great advice on knitting, in addition to being great for anyone wanting to knit a garment that fits. I found myself nodding and oohing and ahhing on almost every page. Simply one of the best books I’ve seen in a while on this topic!

I’m using her book to design a new tank top with beading, and I will let you all know how it comes out – I’m pretty excited because I tried out on a swatch my own little adaption of a beading method for a cute detail, and it worked!

I’m behind on my own design work – I have a cowl pattern that is pretty close (except that I need to finish it, and put on some button!), and then I have almost finished this cardigan —
Simple Cable Cardigan 1l

and I got an unsolicited message on ravelry asking to be notified when the “pattern” is published. Er. Wow! I hadn’t thought of that. You see, I’ve been knitting so long that I just add in stitch details to a basic template (I love using Sweaters 101 – she has a ton of templates at the back for various styles of shoulders) and don’t remember that other people would like someone to do the math and create the stitch chart, thank you very much.  So now I’m pondering creating a written pattern (which would be a good idea, since it could adapt easily across various sizes).

And finally, this is an “in memoriam” moment is for, wait — a pair of socks.

2nd socks

This is the second pair of “real” socks that I made for me. The first pair, made out of some lovely mountain colors yarn, went to the sock heaven a number of years ago because I didn’t know to knit socks tightly, and they wore out.  These socks were probably knit about 8 years ago, and therefore qualify for social security, since sock years go even quicker than dog years.  I think they are made of Koigu, but this was BF before Ravelry, so I didn’t keep track of any project details. In a coincidence, they were knit mostly according to a pattern in The Knitting Experience Vol 2:  Purl Stitch by Sally Melville, but I added the edging from Lucy Neatby’s Cool Socks, Warm Feet book.  They’ve been mended a least a couple of times, and while I did mend them again last night, when I put on the sock, the mend was so large and uncomfortable that I realized that the end had come – it’s time to give them up. But hey, that means that I can knit more socks (plus I have a couple of pairs ready to go into rotation anyway!).