Some Assembly Required

I love cardigans – they are truly useful and adaptable garments – you can put them on and fully fasten, or have them open for cooling, and take them off and put over your shoulders for keeping a chill off. A cardigan is, to me, way more useful than a pullover (your mileage may vary).

This cardigan  (of my own design, some details here ) will go to Afghanistan through Afghans for Afghans, where it will find a home with a girl who is at school, which in that culture is a revolutionary act to some. Wanna knit one of the 500 sweaters we need for this campaign? Click on the link for Afghans for Afghans.

Simple cable cardigan

It requires some assembly – that is – it has finishing. I’ve minimized some of the assembly by knitting the fronts and backs as one piece.  This may mean that it will get a little long, but that can actually be good in a place where garments are long and loose.  I could have knit together the shoulders in a three-needle-bind off, but I won’t do so on purpose, because this is a heftier yarn and I want very stable seams at the shoulder.

Simple cable cardigan

I also could have knit the sleeves top-down seamlessly, but again, I’ve chosen not to.  With this thick yarn, I think having a seamed sleeve-cap is a good idea, and seams down the sleeve will ensure that they don’t get so long as to be in the way.

Some assembly is required, but I am glad of it!  There is also a plan to dye the finished garment, but that will wait for another day…

Seams can be our friends, and I’m anxious to see how this all turns out.