Things You Don’t Put in Easter Eggs

My cousin works taking care of disabled children in a group home, and was asking us for ideas about what to get to put in the plastic Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt. But it couldn’t be candy or stickers. What, we said? So we started to think.

  • Bacon
  • Cigarettes
  • Old rubber bands
  • Broccoli
  • Matches
  • Crucifixes
  • Condoms
  • Yeah, not going to happen, but we had fun thinking about them.

    But, the real question is, what would be a sign of new life to put in the eggs?

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    What about those little capsules with sponges inside that grow when you add water? Or small toys – jacks, bouncy balls… Pennies make lots of noise when shaken. Maybe if you put enough legos in enough eggs, it could be a teamwork exercise in putting all the toys together so everyone can have more fun?

    I used to put cheerios and chex in the eggs. That way the kids could munch on “breakfast” while they were hunting.

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