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I recently got a voice mail message that expressed condolences and commiseration over my recent few months of challenges, and the caller thought she had heard that my dog had also died.  That gave me a bit of a laugh, and a note back to the caller.

To be clear, I don’t own a dog, and therefore my dog hasn’t died.  Now, this evening I did have about 15 minutes of panic when Brandy (the cat who disappeared for 25 days) didn’t come when called, and I feared that she’d gone off the balcony again. That quickly dissipated when I clinked her food bowl and she showed up for her evening snack. And she got a hug, let me tell you!

No, I’m not Job (he of the travails in the Old Testament) by any stretch of the imagination. I have had a bad stretch of events strung together, but I mostly have my health, I have plenty of resources to see me through this time, and family and friends to support me. My heart has been rended in a couple of ways, but I do trust in God that it will heal with reflection and time.

Now, onto the fiber-related important things. I am casting on multiple items – I feel a real need to knit a bunch of things now.

The Dark and Stormy sweater is coming along – I’ve fiddled a bit with stitch counts, added some short rows, and loving it. I’m just hoping that my approach to the sleeve caps and sleeve widths works out. I won’t really know until the end of the knitting.

Dark and Stormy1b

And then I cast-on for a sweater for Afghans for Afghans – I’m so excited that there will be another sweater campaign. This is out of Ecological Wool from Cascade.  I’m using a template size from Sweaters 101, and added in a cable detail along the front of the cardigan.
Simple cable cardigan1b

The heathery color is nice, but I think I will dye the sweater once it is knitted, since this is headed to a school, and I think a little girl will be more enamored with a lovely blue, purple, or green.

Then there’s the lovely and amazing Blue Heron Rayon Metallic – I’ve lusted after knitting this yarn for a long time, and now is the time to knit something for a friend who has lost her dad after a long illness. Which leads me to share a realization – I checked my Ravelry library a few days ago, and because I”ve input the books and magazines that I own, Ravelry tells me how many patterns I have – and it is over 2,000.  2,000! which is far more than I will ever knit in a lifetime, and I’m a pretty fast knitter. That was a gut check on my own acquisition habits!

So, in looking at the Blue Heron, I knew that I needed to find something in the library  — that I need to be celebrating and enjoying what I have. And I have picked Sherilyn, a lace shawl pattern by Ysolda Teague.  I think the simplicity of the main body will highlight the yarn well, and the edge will give me something to be interested in doing at the end. I’m knitting this in the lovely plum colorway, which will be perfect for the recipient’s skin tone.

Blue heron metallic plum1b

Then there’s a little hat that I want to knit up in lovely Madeline Tosh with a honeycomb stitch that will be my own design:

Swatch for cellular slouchy hat

And in the meantime, I haven’t finished my own cowl design – it could be a submission if I get my act together…grrr.

And on a mom note: There are two memorial services planned:

  • Saturday, March 23rd, 1:30 p.m.Christ Presbyterian Church in Terra Linda, 620 Del Ganado Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903
  • Sunday, April 14th, 1:30 p.m. at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 9642 E Live Oak Ave Temple City, CA 91775

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You seem to be handling this bad run with peace and sanity — which is all any of us can do. Obviously I think knitting is a good way to get through bad times. I especially love the honeycomb pattern in the green yarn.

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