FO: Veil of Rosebuds

First, I want to thank all who have left comments on the previous blog post on my mom’s last days. Your words have been treasured.

As I sat by my mom’s bed in her last days, I worked on a pair of handspun socks. My handspun, which finally looked like sock yarn. And I used a pattern (Veil of Rosebuds) from The Knitters’ Book of Socks for a fiber type so that the socks would work.

Let’s review. The fiber, from Abstract Fiber, is gorgeous:
Abstract merino silk blend

The spinning was done on my KCL multiple-shaft spindle (seriously, they are great, check out the KCL Woods website):

Abstract rhapsody fiber 1a

The resulting yarn was yummy and oh so promising:

And yes, finally, after only about 3 years, I actually have a pair of handspun socks that will hopefully wear like socks!

My Veil of Rosebuds socks 1c
Since they were knit during such a precious time, I may not wear them with shoes, in order that they last as long as possible. A lovely hug for my feet to remember the last precious week with my mom. Project details on ravelry: revknits Veil of Rosebuds

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I think of this work and I think, this is ministry, this is presence, this is.. Christ with us. Counting the stitches and throwing the perl vas the knit. It is a simple work, this thread that runs through our fingers as we pick it up and loop it around. Life and witness to the resurrection in each pick up and each throw of thread over stick. I think holy, holy, holy and I think, yes, these socks are holy inthemselves. And I think, Renee will not be left alone. Of all the things I think I am most certain: Renee will not be left alone.

Anitra, way to make a girl cry. Thank you, that is knitting for me.

Judy – I seem to remember some amazing handspun socks you knit. Just sayin’

I’ve ‘seen’ you from time to time on Ravelry… and then knowing some of the parallels that were occurring, my dear friend and colleague Cynthia linked me to your blog. I leave Sunday for Florida, for my mother-in-law’s Memorial Service. I will wear the shawl I knit the last time we were visiting and will be reminded of the last time we were able to sit and talk, and the words of thanks that were shared.

Of course being a knitter, one of the first things I thought about was what knitting to pack for the trip. I’ve decided that I want to cast-on something new… something bright… trusting in the promise of the resurrection. A beginning, not an end.

Thank you for helping me to articulate some of the connections between my grief, and my needles. Blessings as you mourn and grieve.

Hi Presbygal, thanks for your comment, and my condolences on your mother-in-law’s death. I know exactly what you mean by wearing the knitwear, what a comfort, and your shawl sounds perfect. May the stitches remind you of the family, fiber, and friends comforting you.

Those are gorgeous socks, and such a beautiful, if sad, story. I hope they last a long long time and keep your feet, and your heart, warm *hugs*

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