FO: Veil of Rosebuds

First, I want to thank all who have left comments on the previous blog post on my mom’s last days. Your words have been treasured.

As I sat by my mom’s bed in her last days, I worked on a pair of handspun socks. My handspun, which finally looked like sock yarn. And I used a pattern (Veil of Rosebuds) from The Knitters’ Book of Socks for a fiber type so that the socks would work.

Let’s review. The fiber, from Abstract Fiber, is gorgeous:
Abstract merino silk blend

The spinning was done on my KCL multiple-shaft spindle (seriously, they are great, check out the KCL Woods website):

Abstract rhapsody fiber 1a

The resulting yarn was yummy and oh so promising:

And yes, finally, after only about 3 years, I actually have a pair of handspun socks that will hopefully wear like socks!

My Veil of Rosebuds socks 1c
Since they were knit during such a precious time, I may not wear them with shoes, in order that they last as long as possible. A lovely hug for my feet to remember the last precious week with my mom. Project details on ravelry: revknits Veil of Rosebuds