Knit two or more.

I’m not big on repeating things that I knit.  Well, patterns, that is – I will knit two sleeves, two socks and two mittens.  I tend not to have 2nd ___ syndrome.

And there’s also the charity knitting exception.  Sure, I’ll knit a bunch of socks for charity, but there are always some changes that I make to the project each time, just for me, to keep it interesting.

The same goes for gifts – last year I knit some necklaces for gifts – but each time I twisted things up with the color of the beads and the yarn.  This year, I’m doing the same thing with a different pattern:

I’ve got three necklaces in a couple of evenings so far:

Scallop-edge beaded necklaces
my modifications to the pattern can be found on Ravelry here.
Last night, contrary to my usual knitting mojo, I actually knitted a second time in exactly the same yarn and size.  Behold the fingerless mittens:

Fingerless mittens

It’s actually a modified glove pattern by Ysolda called Vintage Button Gloves, and no, I don’t use any buttons either.  The yarn is partly why I decided to knit them again, it’s a lovely alpaca, merino and silk tweed called Acadia, which I am in love with!

The first pair I made were a gift to my friend Aimee, and it turned out that I bought enough yarn to make two of them, although I didn’t know it at the time.  Once the first pair were sent off in late winter, I cast on for a pair for me, but then the weather turned warm, and my interest waned.

Last night I was rooting around in my knitting things, and found them — with only part of the 2nd hand and two thumbs to do.  So I got busy and finished them, just in time for my trip back to Princeton next Saturday, where they’ll come in handy.

I don’t think a third pair will be happening. Knit two was plenty.

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