The Yarn Harlot has magical powers

In the middle of the spare room clean-up, a distressing fact hit me in the face – I could not find my button stash.  Nowhere.  The bag they used to be kept in? I moved them.  But where?  I checked the yarn bin, and came up empty (admittedly, there was a ton of crap in there).

So last night I was weaving in the ends of my sweater, and knowing that I would reach the moment when I wanted to have the buttons put on my sweater with the little backing button bought especially for this.  And magically, the Yarn Harlot started a little tweet fest while her oven was warming up.  So I asked her

@YarnHarlot where did I hide my button stash? Can’t find it.

And she replied:

Steph Pearl-McPhee@YarnHarlot

@reneerico Tin on the bottom shelf. (Wait, that’s mine.)

So true.  And then I realized that my first instinct, that I had put the small baggie of buttons with the yarn bin was probably correct (and I am not so good at thoroughly looking in that first place.  The magic of the Yarn Harlot, I tell you!

And now my sweater has buttons and is a complete FO (rav project details for Hey Teach):


The button stash is now clearly marked!

Button stash

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Oh YEA! And it is beautiful. My little ruffled shrug/cardi (The sparkly blue one) is currently buttonless. The only buttons I can lay my hands on right now were the gorgeous antique ones that came off my grandmothers fur coat before I donated it to the prop department! But, those are too big…another project in my head for those. Busy with movie biz…still knitting and hoping to make it to the Sunday group again soon. Oh, and congrats on the re-organization of the room…Happy Knitting!


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