My apartment has been moving in a trendline away from the hoarding.  Back on July 4th, I had family over for a meal, which required a clean-up and straightening up of several rooms, but not the “extra” room – my home office and guest room.  In fact, more items found their way there because I was cleaning up other areas.

With today a holiday, it was time to begin to tackle the room.  I had no illusions that I could even get through the entire room or even the whole closet – organizing all the way takes a lot of time.  So my goal was to get enough items out of the room or into the closet so that it is a functioning room again. As in, one can reach all the lights, sleep in the bed, and use the desk without tripping on stuff.   I figured it would take 4-5 hours, and I was right – it was about that with breaks.

I made it most of the way.  See, you can walk from the door to the bed without a problem now:


and my spinning stash is off the floor and organized on a shelf in my closet:


With a bit of work (and only a bit), the desk will be usable:


and I’ll be able to reach the office supplies with a turn of the chair.

What I knew I wasn’t doing to get done was to go through all the boxes that came my way when my Mom moved up near me:

At least they are organized, and I can get into the closet.  In the coming weeks, the plan is to go through these boxes and reduce them down and get the photos organized.  With the cleanup that I’ve done, there is now room to do this.

I do have a trip to make to the storage unit (they were closed for Labor Day) – the holiday decoration boxes don’t need to come back for a few months – but now I have boxes that are new and tight and not kitty-shredded.

In knitting news, I am very, very close to wearing my Hey Teach cardigan:


This is a lovely sweater, and I’m thrilled with how it is turning out, including my somewhat modified 3/4 length sleeves. The only glitch now is that some weeks/months back I moved my button stash for knitting and I can’t find it now! It must be in a really smart place. In that stash are the backing buttons for the lovely and very inexpensive buttons that I found at Joanne’s on Friday:


After I finished the button bands, I realized that I had reversed them – oh well, nobody is going to know the difference in this era, I think.

For those keeping count, of the three sweaters I’ve been working on, the 1st is done, the 2nd is very close, and I’m finishing up the back on the 3rd. Now, I’m pretty sure that there will not be any more sweaters right away – I think I’ll need a break!

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