A Little Selfish-Knitting

So, apparently by using the word Olympic in a post title, you can quadruple the hits to your blog, especially with Canadians.  Who knew?

Onto the selfish knitting, at which I’ve sucked the past few months.  Sweater one of two is done, and she fits beautifully and is perfect for this season!


My mods: I made the body 2 inches longer (it was almost a crop when I tried on the sample), and the sleeves about 6 inches shorter, and the back I made a bit of an A-line for drape. Here’s what the texture of the sweater looks like:

A knitter looked at it and thought it was lace, – it has lovely sheen and the loose bits are fine!
At the moment, I’m using an old earring as the closure, we’ll see if I graduate to an actual button!

Rav project details

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You’re right, the yarn is a bit of a pain – it’s a twisted single, so yarn management is critical or there will be a tangled mess. I also used my Knitpicks harmony needles, which are less slick than the nickel-plated, but still quite pointed. The yarn issues were part of the reason I never completed this for the Ravellenic Games.

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