A Little Selfish-Knitting

So, apparently by using the word Olympic in a post title, you can quadruple the hits to your blog, especially with Canadians.  Who knew?

Onto the selfish knitting, at which I’ve sucked the past few months.  Sweater one of two is done, and she fits beautifully and is perfect for this season!


My mods: I made the body 2 inches longer (it was almost a crop when I tried on the sample), and the sleeves about 6 inches shorter, and the back I made a bit of an A-line for drape. Here’s what the texture of the sweater looks like:

A knitter looked at it and thought it was lace, – it has lovely sheen and the loose bits are fine!
At the moment, I’m using an old earring as the closure, we’ll see if I graduate to an actual button!

Rav project details


Post Olympic Spurt

Ah, the Olympics are over and now I can sleep.  Seriously, does this cramp anyone else’s life for two weeks?  Fortunately I was able to refrain from watching most of the live coverage  on my iPad.

I didn’t finish one of my Ravelympic Ravellenic projects:  Florina.  The yarn was tricky to deal with (a single ply yarn that is thick and thin will just be that way), and I frankly got a little bored with the project once I’d figured out how to deal with the pattern, which is presented as a diagram similar to Japanese patterns, I’m told.

Last Thursday, I had a training that enabled me to do a bunch of knitting on this, so it is finally done!

Speaking of the training, some readers may know that I teach water aerobics, and one thing that I learned at my YMCA training to assist lifeguards on Thursday evening is that I suck at swimming – big time.  Seriously, if I had to swim 100 yards straight it would be close.  So I’ve decided that in addition to losing the remaining pounds put on during stressful times in the last few years, I will regain my skills to be a basic swimmer – not anything competitive, but good enough to swim 100 yards without having to stop.  I probably will not be the go-to girl to save your life, but at least I won’t need saving myself!

Now Florina is off the needles and blocked:
and you definitely want to use blocking wires for this – the yarn is so twisty that it doesn’t really like to just settle down. All that is left is sewing up, which with two big seams and tacking down and grafting the neck should not take long.

More knitting has been happening in these August days:  In my boredom with Florina, I knit Pogona, a mitered squarish shawl by Stephen West in some knit swap yarn. (rav project details)  I’m very grateful for Ravelry, which warned me that the yardage indicated would probably be too small (it was), and I found another Raveler’s project notes which gave me a way to estimate my yardage to use up all the goodness.

Here’s the tip:  As you get close to the end of the pattern, take your remaining yarn and weigh it at the beginning of a row.  Now knit 2 rows and weigh again.  Determine the number of grams of yarn used, which will then tell you (roughly) how many more rows that you will get out of the remaining yarn. In my project’s case, I was using about 5 grams of yarn for 2 rows in stockinette, and the final part of the pattern was garter ridges (3).  So, when I got to 25 grams left, I started the garter ridges, knit 3 of them, and had enough for a cast-off in purl that created a final garter ridge.  Grams left:  2!


Now that it is done and blocked, I’m not sure that I’ll wear it all that much – the size is ok, but the corners seem awkward to me. Guess I’ll wait for colder weather to see how I might wear it.
Now I’m back to the two other sweaters on the needles, the guy sweater for Dennis.  I’m worried about gauge, but I think I’ll knit the back and see how we’re doing after that.  For my own Hey, Teach! I’m on to the sleeves, now that I’ve found the magical directions to make 3/4 length sleeves on a blog.  Thank you, Ravelry, for constantly saving me hours of time to figure this stuff out!


Not Chicken Pox

Last summer around this time, I managed to contract Chicken Pox, which I did not have as a child.  As this time of year rolled around, I did think back to that time, and had a couple of scares.

First, at the education event I teach at each summer, where I might have been exposed to the chicken pox, we had a participant get quite ill, and the doctors in the ER thought that he might have viral meningitis, which, fortunately, tests showed that he did not.  Escaped that one!

Second, as I returned from the event, I was very tired.  I had forgotten my nasal spray that keeps my sinuses more open, but I had all my other meds, so I thought I’d escaped.  But Saturday came, and I was so exhausted that I didn’t go to an important meeting of a board I serve on – I just didn’t have it in me.  Sunday was better, and then I went to a low-key conference Monday through Wednesday, where I felt tired and went to bed earlier than I usually do. Partly I wondered if age was a factor (clue: it was probably part of it!), but then today I woke up with sinus pain and realized – “I have a sinus infection!” Which is lousy news when it’s part of your vacation days, but better when you have Olympic gymnastics to watch online.

So, tonight I’ve got my antibiotics, and other meds, and a couple of days to chill in front of the computer and TV.  On the whole, life is good, and I’ll feel up to par in a couple of days.

In knitting news, I’m now a Ravthlete with these socks:

Checkerboard accent socks
and I’m working on my other project, Florina, which is coming along slowly (novelty yarn is slowing me down) – I hope that I can finish in time to get another Ravellenic games medal.