Little bits

I’m back in the saddle knitting for Afghans for Afghans – the current campaign is perfect for summer knitting – hats, mittens, and socks!  So, I began by using up bits of yarn I had dyed for a bunch of socks a couple of summers ago for some mittens:

Some a4a mittens 1b

Oh, and these are done except for thumbs!
Striped scrap mittens

And then put in a giganto (for me) order of wool (Cascade 22o and Cascade Eco) from WEBS, taking advantage of their annual sale – Cascade was a bargain compared to the upcoming prices.  Now I’m having fun with color.  These socks are based on a stitch pattern in Sensational Socks:

Warm socks

Since I’m using worsted weight, doing stranded knitting for the foot seemed like it would probably be not very fun to wear, so I just did some color blocking.  And it turns out that in the size I made, I used almost exactly the same amounts of each color.  If the scale can be believed, I can get two pairs of socks out of two skeins of 220.  Not bad!

The slog-knit continues in sloggy fashion.  The back is done, I have just a bit to go on the fronts, and then I can knit the shoulders together and block to see if the size is anywhere near right – I’m a bit concerned that it will be too big.  Maybe that’s why it’s not done – I fear the answer.