A fun encounter, and a knitting slog

Last Saturday I got to go to a class at a local LYS with Stephen West, of Westknits fame:
Stephen West Haul

And it was a lovely time — I got to go with a friend, met a podcaster that I listen to (waves to KnittyBarb of 2 Knit Lit Chicks), learn some great tricks about edges and shaping of shawls, see a ton of samples of his shawls, and a couple of hats, fondle the lovely yarns at A Verb for Keeping Warm, and perhaps most extraneously, eat a cupcake with maple flavoring and bacon from the store next door. Seriously, I hardly think a knitting event could get much better! Even the possible traffic woes from some construction near the Golden Gate bridge that we feared might delay us did not materialize.

Out of that event, I think I will be making the pogona shawl out of the other skein of Wollmeise that my lovely blog reader Liesl sent me last summer after the derailed trip to Sock Summit.

Which is a good thing, because I am making another sweater that will likely be much more fun to wear than it is to knit. I’m knitting Hey, Teach! in Rowan Summer Tweed, which, when blocked, has a lovely hand and drape, but in knitting is about as fun as knitting straw.

Hey teach1a
It reminds me why I seem to have fewer summer sweaters than winter ones – the knitting just isn’t the same tactile experience. While the pattern has you knit it in pieces, I am knitting it in one piece to the armholes, and I’m finally to the point of beginning the ribbing (9.5 inches which will turn into 10 inches after blocking).  It is a slog of a knit, so it is a good thing that I’m a project knitter, because this would be hopeless if I were a process knitter.