Swap goodness

Yesterday I got a lovely mystery swap package that was organized on the Ravelry board of Laura Nelkins.  I love that this was a very targeted swap – we all filled out an information form on our preferences, and our swap partners looked us up on Ravelry to make sure that our packages would be lovely and appropriate.

Teri did a great job for my package:

And some new to me yarns will be fun to check out too – we were to get a whole skein and some sample amounts to make jewelry out of:


In other news, I am done spinning the small amount (2 oz) of merino-silk, and love how it came out.  I may partner it with another yarn for a project, time will tell.


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Yeah, it can be a bummer if folks don’t step up and just send cast-offs or fail to fulfill the requirements. I hadn’t done one in a couple of years, and it will probably be a while before I do another one, but not because this went badly. It’s just that most of the time I prefer to pick out my own stuff.

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