And we’re back.

During all the Easter/Holy Week stuff, the blogging just was not going to happen, what with being at a new church this year and all. But now that we’re past that, I can catch up a bit.

First, I knitted a sweater for me, the Slow Line cardigan. I like how it fits and came out, and with the very cheap yarn from a mill end cone, the whole project probably cost less than $20.

Slow Line1d
Slow Line1e
So, the first of the three sweaters I plan to knit is done!

I’ve also been knitting for a couple of babies, and the cute stuff came out pretty well!

Baby cardigan sets

Both of the cardigan patterns are free, isn’t that nice? And the hat pattern is a very basic one from Ann Budd’s Handy Patterns book series, with a couple of twists to make them match the cardigans. And baby socks – no biggie, just a simple pattern with a bit of color and/or stitch pattern to match. Check out my Ravelry project page for more details!

But I’m hitting a knitting-blah period. While I have a couple of sweaters planned for me, I’m not all that excited, so it may be back to the spindle (haven’t spun in months) for a bit of a change-up!