Swap goodness

Yesterday I got a lovely mystery swap package that was organized on the Ravelry board of Laura Nelkins.  I love that this was a very targeted swap – we all filled out an information form on our preferences, and our swap partners looked us up on Ravelry to make sure that our packages would be lovely and appropriate.

Teri did a great job for my package:

And some new to me yarns will be fun to check out too – we were to get a whole skein and some sample amounts to make jewelry out of:


In other news, I am done spinning the small amount (2 oz) of merino-silk, and love how it came out.  I may partner it with another yarn for a project, time will tell.



Return to Spindle

You would have thought that attending the largest fiber festival in the country would have lit a candle under my spinning. But it didn’t. I spun some BFL that I had already int o another not-sock-yarn, and then the spinning mojo just plain gave out.

No longer. I don’t have anything that I’m dying to knit, so I pulled out some merino- silk fiber from Ellen’s1/2 Pint Farm and got to spinning — it’s 2 oz of luxury, which I’m spinning lace- weight to make a small shawl, but if the spinning goes well, it might get entered into the County Fair here in Marin.

See the prettiness?



And we’re back.

During all the Easter/Holy Week stuff, the blogging just was not going to happen, what with being at a new church this year and all. But now that we’re past that, I can catch up a bit.

First, I knitted a sweater for me, the Slow Line cardigan. I like how it fits and came out, and with the very cheap yarn from a mill end cone, the whole project probably cost less than $20.

Slow Line1d
Slow Line1e
So, the first of the three sweaters I plan to knit is done!

I’ve also been knitting for a couple of babies, and the cute stuff came out pretty well!

Baby cardigan sets

Both of the cardigan patterns are free, isn’t that nice? And the hat pattern is a very basic one from Ann Budd’s Handy Patterns book series, with a couple of twists to make them match the cardigans. And baby socks – no biggie, just a simple pattern with a bit of color and/or stitch pattern to match. Check out my Ravelry project page for more details!

But I’m hitting a knitting-blah period. While I have a couple of sweaters planned for me, I’m not all that excited, so it may be back to the spindle (haven’t spun in months) for a bit of a change-up!