Not Sock Yarn — Again

Readers of this blog will be familiar with my efforts to spin sock yarn.  I previously made some very not sock yarn, although it turned out well.

Since then, I decided to give it one more try – at least this time the yarn is fingering-ish weight, and the beautiful hand-dyed indigo BFL is showing its heritage here.

BFL Handspun, fingering
But I think that my efforts to make woolen sock yarn are over. Having a copy of Clara Parkes sock book, it’s clear that I need to spin worsted.  Not sure what I’ll do with this experiment, but eventually the right project will come forward.

Also, I’m doing some projects for other people – I know, the selfish-knitting thing is going badly.  But look at the pretty yarn I got!

Ah, Malabrigo, your colors are amazing!

Tomorrow, I’m off on a trip for a couple of days, likely to rain, so I’ll be stopping by the lovely yarn & fiber store!