I got the blues

Blue socks:

Lady Tryamour1d

The Lady Tryamour socks are fully knitted – I just need two charms to attach to the leaves.  My cousin Marie has told me where the bead store is in the town I’m now working in, so this should be accomplished this week.  I am in denial that  one of these socks is larger than the other — I think for the first sock, I managed to make a pointier toe, so even though they are technically the same length, one has a looser fit.  I may put them in the dryer for a bit for a little shrinkage…

And there is indigo blue – in two forms:

Indigo Blues

The top is the indigo dyed yarn from the A Day of Color at A Verb for Keeping Warm.  I’m very happy that the yarn is a pretty deep blue (I know it will lighten with drying).

The bottom yarn is my handspun, BFL fiber dyed with indigo by the amazing Kristine of AVFKW.  This is my latest attempt at spinning sock yarn.  I think it will be my last attempt spinning long draw for sock yarn.  The good news is that I need some fingerless mittens, so this yarn should work for those…

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