Today is Epiphany, which is the day after the 12th day of Christmas.   The symbols associated with this holiday are water and light, which relate to the two major stories in the Bible associated with this day – the baptism of Jesus and the three magi who travel to bring gifts to the baby Jesus.  The word epiphany is greek, and means to uncover or reveal — in this case, it’s about Jesus’ true identity in the stories.

Really most traditions have a season of light in the Northern Hemisphere, since it is the time of year when the days are the shortest, and we are about to head into the really cold part of the year.  (Irony alert:  it isn’t that cold here.)  It  totally makes sense to have light, when it seems to be in shorter supply.

But the metaphor of light and revelation of God come in many forms.  Today it was one of my aquatics students who had her baby last Friday – a big baby boy named Gavin, weighing in at 9 lbs 14 oz.  I should say that his mom was in class as of last Tuesday, so she was working it until the very last.  We got to meet Gavin at the end of class today, and she told me that she was in labor as our class met a week ago, and she thought of us, wishing that she was in class and not in labor. I jokingly took a wee bit of credit for Gavin turning out so well, and his mom looked at me and reminded me that Gavin had been taking classes too, so yes, I do get some of the credit.

Sometimes light just dumps itself right out – instead of going off on a journey of finding a baby, there was a special one growing right before my eyes, and his presence was a gift of light today – an epiphany indeed.  Thanks, God!

Got socks?  So do I! Photos coming soon…

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