My “other” LYS A Verb for Keeping Warm (it’s across a bridge) had a lovely event on New Year’s Eve Day – Kristine called it “A Day of Color” and folks were invited to reserve a spot ahead and come to knit, sew, spin, weave, or dye with the indigo pots.  My friend Judy and I thought this was a lovely way to spend the day, so we drove over after a lovely breakfast (eggs Benedict and bacon were involved – yum!).

I got out my sadly underused spindles and made some yarn out of the “pity fiber” that my friend Sue bought me at Sock Summit after the great pox event of 2011.  It’s pencil roving that is hand dyed, and it makes lovely yarn with navajo plying:

Sample Spin1b

Then I played with some of the other fibers that Kristine had pulled out:

handspun fun1c

Kristine also fired up the indigo pots, and gave a small tutorial about the process of dying with indigo.  Folks brought yarn, fiber and fabric to be dyed, and here’s mine:

Verb Indigo Dye Project

Apparently it needs to sit a whole week, wet in a bag, and then I am supposed to set it and wash.  It’s already looking good!

In other news, I finished a hat and mittens for a friend who was complaining that his hands were cold at work. I knit up Maine morning mittens (free) – I thought they might be small, so I made them ginormous, and then did felting to get them down to human size, and knit a hat because there was a lot of yarn leftover. I love the Blackstone Tweed yarn — it is lovely, and quite reasonable in price.  Eric’s blog is kinda fun, and he totally respects the knitter too~

Eric's Hat & Mittes

I’ve also been paying attention to my feet – I pulled out my book The Knitter’s Book of Socks, and am tackling the Lady Tryamour socks – a bit fiddly with the toes, but after that’ it’s a pretty easy knit. There was a moment of panic after I had left a comment on the Ravelry page for the yarn, Staccato by Shibui Knits, and the company then noted that the yarn blooms a bit. I had 3/4 of a sock done, so I decided to block that much of the sock (it’s toe-up) to see if it would still fit, and luckily, it’s fine. This pattern is fun – leafs at the toe and the base of the heel, a turnover cuff and more leafs, including one that hangs beyond the edge of the cuff. There will be a small charm attached at the tip of that leaf when I get a chance to buy one. The hand of this yarn is really lovely – wool, silk, and a bit of nylon!

Lady try amour socks

Then I had a yearning for a new hat.  I find that I wear one of two hats, and I was yearning for something more.  I haunted the patterns of Woolly Wormhead, and then went back to a Knitty pattern that I’ve used before, the Brambles Beret, and comes in a variety of sizes (I have a huge head, it turns out, even for a normal size person, and I’m short).  And I had leftover yarn from Mom’s sweater, so this was a totally free hat that I had to knit all last night while watching the Downton Abbey Season 1 marathon on PBS – you do have your DVD recorder set for next Sunday’s premiere for Season 2, right?  So I have a hat:


And the weather has decided to mock me by being relatively warm, so I may not get to test it out for a few days.  Such is the fate of my first FO for 2012!

Happy New Year to All!

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OK. I”ve managed to knit 3 prayer shawls and a scarf. thought I was doing pretty well until I saw this. Renee you are a knitting rock star! LOVE the socks – fancy dancy! I can’t begin to imagine how you made those stiches so small and even.
Maybe someday…

Ah, you’ve discovered my secret addiction. Yeah, the socks are pretty fun. I’ve been knitting a looong time, so the even thing is just practice.

I’m always available for consults! and since you’ve knit prayer shawls, you might check out my free prayer shawl pattern – Lacy Prayer Shawl!

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