FO: Saroyan

I knit this in the past week for my local yarn store, Blue Bird Yarn & Fiber.  Yeah, I know it’s crazy to knit a store sample at this time of year.  I guess I needed a comfort knit.

Lovely yarn:  elsebeth lavold silky wool.  Color: 57 Great free (and adaptable) pattern:  Saroyan. by Liz Abinante.  Ravelry project notes.



What Next?

It’s a mad dash between me and the end of the year.  I am switching jobs right before Christmas, which is a little insane in a church job, but I’ve never claimed I was all there, so the blog is getting ignored. Sorry!

I am still knitting along – my own-design cardigan is proceeding with the help of a friend who gave me a great idea for the collar, photos when the sleeves are done and attached (I hope).  The Wurm hat is also going ok, although I am nervous about having enough yarn.  Afghans for Afghans socks and a sweater are WIPS, which is fine, since they are not due ’til January.  I’m even knitting a store sample of a small shawl (it’s mindless and fast).

Because I am busy and there’s less time on the couch, the kitties are not all that happy with me because the weather has changed to the winter-for-us-in-the-Bay-Area model.  They have joined in what is a familiar protest.  I’m calling it “Occupy Wool”:
Occupy Wool

This is their favorite knitted object in the house, being made of a significant amount of Cascade Eco-wool that must smell wooly to them even when not wet.  It is also the largest one, being the Log Cabin afghan that took quite a while and lot’s of leftoverss.


It was a very good day.

Yesterday was one of the those days when lovely and amazing things happened, completely separate from each other, but making for a day that you can’t forget.

In the morning, the congregation that I serve (Sausalito Presbyterian Church) as interim pastor had their candidate to become the next installed pastor of the congregation.  This congregation has always been “out there” (on the left), and because the Presbyterian Church will now ordain gay and lesbian folk to ministry, the candidate who preached an amazing sermon yesterday happened to also be in a 25-year-old same-sex relationship and together parent a 5-year-old daughter.

The church didn’t select this candidate because he is gay, but rather because he was the right mix of the gifts and talents and tendencies for them.  And the morning was magical as the congregation voted 47-1 to call him to be their pastor. I am already headed to another church in Santa Rosa (but thankfully able to stay in the same apartment), so the transition will be quick and pretty seamless.  I wish nothing but the best for Paul.

In the afternoon, I went over to my “other” LYS in the East Bay to take a class with Ysolda Teague.  I’ve knit a few of Ysolda’s patterns, including my handspun Ishbel, and have loved reading her new book Little Red in the City, so the opportunity to take a class was not to be missed, even if it meant jumping in the car immediately after my church meeting and racing over to the East Bay.

Ysolda was teaching a Perfect Fit class that began with yarn, and its types (which was a bit of snooze for me as a spinner, but incredibly helpful to the less experienced folks in the class), then moved on to swatching  – where her Scottish fire showed forth and we all wrote on our arms that we would always swatch in sufficiently large amounts, and process them appropriately.  For me, the entire class was worth just the final 40 minutes, when Ysolda riffed on bust darts and modified raglans, and any number of interesting items about how to make a flattering sweater.  She is truly gifted and lovely!

Afterwards, she signed our books, and wandered the amazing Verb Store just like we were.  Someone spied my Ishbel, and I pulled it out, and then it turned out another person in the class also had a handspun Ishbel, and we compared them.  A few minutes later Ysolda asked us to model our Ishbels for her and she took our photo — how amazing can that be.

Oh, and I might have walked out with a sweater’s worth of yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery in the Cotton Comfort since all in-stock yarns were 30 percent off.

Yes, it was a very good day.

Speaking of yarnie goodness, there is a petition to Save Rowan Calmer, one of the few non-wool yarns that works for a whole variety of garments – if you have a moment, please stop by to sign the petition. Thanks!


Soccupy Oakland

I’ve brazenly stolen for the title of this thread Clara Parkes’ tweet shortly before she came over the bridge from the Knitting Lab event to do a short talk at A Verb for Keeping Warm and a book signing of The Knitter’s Book of Socks: The Yarn Lover’s Ultimate Guide to Creating Socks That Fit Well, Feel Great, and Last a Lifetime.  Clara is part sleuth and scientist, part yarnie, and totally fun.  I didn’t expect her to be so lively and engaging (you know, the way a favorite author is able to write commandingly but doesn’t always deliver in person), but she is as wonderful and cool as her books.  She even held my sock for a photo op!

Clara Parkes with my sock

Ever curious, she asked about the heel, and I told her it was a Lucy Neatby garter stitch heel.  Just in case you were wondering!

But here at Casa del No-Pox, we have also got some FOs.  First up, a knitted cowl that will be a present for Christmas, once I knit a hat to match. It is Wurm, which is a hat pattern, but someone thoughtfully adapted the stitch pattern for a matching cowl too.

wurm cowl

I’m using the leftover yarn from the Poplar and Elm Sweater (rav project notes here), which is the lovely Sunday Knits Eden 3-ply yarn – an amazing merino.  I used two colors (because that’s what I had enough of), and I think it will be a staple for the recipient!

And my Mom’s sweater is done just in time for the weather change here — this is my adapted Victoria.

Victoria adapted 1h

It fits and looks great on her:
Mom's Victoria adapted

I’ll post in a bit about on-going projects!