Rendevous with Rhinebeck – the second part

We last left my adventure at Rhinebeck with me sitting with Heather Ordover, headmistress of the Craftlit podcast, and author and editor of the pretty darned great book, What Would Madame Defarge Knit?  During lunch, I loaned Heather my Bertha’s Mad Mysterious Moebius  because it was pretty blustery by then, and it did keep her warm (sorry, no photos).  After Heather went to get supplies for the gang back at Cooperative Press, I happened upon Ysolda Teague, who looks so cute with her short hair – and was so modest about her new book, which I really love.  I found out that she’s coming to the Bay Area to celebrate the Anniversary of the new A Verb for Keeping Warm store, so hopefully I’ll make it across the Bay to see her again in November.

I forgot to mention that one of my first stops at the festival was to Jennie the Potter’s booth, whereupon I snatched up a beautifully crafted mug, and only upon getting home realized how much I spent on it — it is a work of art (see below), but now I’m scared to use it (seriously – most of my mugs are the “free gift with donation” kind of ones so I don’t feel bad if they break.

Jennie the Potter Mug

Having bought a Bosworth spindle, I did briefly stop by the Golding Spindles place, which was hopping, as you might imagine:

Golding Madness

and I was frankly a little too tired to figure out whether I should get one of them.

All my “essentials” out of the way, I wandered the show, seeing carved pumpkins:
Carving Jack O LanternJack o Lantern 1

And musicians who serenade all of us ladies who need to use the facilities!

Peruvian nusic

And I found a couple of very fun local fiber folks – the Hope Spinnery makes lovely sport/Dk yarn in lovely heathered hues, and the yarn is spun sustainably with wind power.  How totally cool is that?  I bought one skein from them, but I don’t think it will be my last!  The other find was the booth of Conservancy of Cotswold and Jacob Sheep, where I bought some small bumps of Jacob fiber, and admired a couple of lovely shawls woven on antique looms (and silly me forgot to take a photo of them).  These kinds of vendors make a fiber festival so special!

And after a bit more wandering through the halls, I realized that I had reached the critical point of Fiber-overwhelm (and my cold was not happy to see the rain come either), so I decided to get out and take the rest of the day off to play in my imaginary land of fiber fun, and work on my Wilhelmina Shawlette (another pattern from What Would Madame DeFarge Knit? – See you really do need a copy of this book!).

My evening was very quiet – I went to see the movie 50/50 – which is about as accurate a depiction of the pathos and humor and compassion involved in serious illness that I’ve seen.  A good way for someone named revknits to end her day.

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It sounds like you had a marvelous time in NY! I knit up the Wilhelmina also; it was a fun knit. Glad you got to meet Heather and share your cowl…silly girl did not bring one!!!

I did have a good time – my Wilhelmina is finally cast-off – hoping to block today. I think Heather had warm stuff, but it looked sunny out, so she didn’t bring stuff.

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