Packing and Planning

I’m packing tonight because I leave pretty early in the morning.  And I have my usual dilemma, how much knitting to bring along?  The truth is, the schedule until Friday is probably pretty pack and little time for more than a few rows on a basic sock each day.  But I really want to bring more – there’s the Wilhelmina shawlette being knit in the lovely Wollmeise that Liesel sent all the way from Germany – see the gorgeous colors:

Wilhelmina Shawlette1c

I’ll be seeing Heather of the Craftlit Podcast if the plans for R______ go well (I scored an awesome guest house room very cheap, so I’ll be able to afford to eat well at dinner, plus get some great stories from the owner), so I definitely want to bring the shawlette, even if it isn’t done – and there’s a cool KAL happening here hosted by Chrissy Gardiner, who’s helping everyone of all abilities.

Then there’s the lovely MadTosh Pashmina that I ordered way back in the spring and hasn’t become anything.  I ordered some of the ChaioGoo circulars, and this would be a perfect way to try them out.

I figure because it will get cooler over my time in the area that I’ll have room to pack the goodies that I’ll buy, and if not, there are books I can send bookrate through the Postal Service.

Honestly, though, I’m feeling as though all of this is a pretty selfish view of the world. Today there was an email in my box with a frantic colleague who has a family, and no work for her or her husband on the horizon.   It wouldn’t hurt to not spend the whole budget for the trip, and help out someone in need as well as support those in the crafting business.

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