Let’s Not Jinx This

I’ve been totally working on a plan, a plan that is turning out to be expensive, but still it is moving ahead.  It involves the R word.

Readers of this blog know that I got all hyped up about Sock Summit, only to get very sick indeed shortly before it began.  But I had known for months that I would be in New Jersey the week before R___, and so I decided to ponder whether to stay the weekend.  I realized that racing back home after what will be a hard week of work was totally silly, and therefore I am planning (and crossing my fingers) that my plan will work out.

I’ve never been to a full-fledged fiber festival before, and now, as a virgin, I will be going to the mother of all fiber festivals.  A plan is forming in my mind, but, dear readers, help me out.  What do I need to know about attending one of these?  I’ve gone to several Stitches events, but this is a whole different kettle of fish.