A Little Spinning

My feeble attempts at Tour de Fleece notwithstanding, I do actually start spinning during that event, I just never finish on time keep to my own schedule.  Take this lovely merino-bamboo fiber that I got at a (sad) closeout sale of an LYS:


I finally finished it this week – it sat on tubes awaiting a good soak and thwak. The fiber itself is a pretty good imitation of merino-silk, with a better price tag.  It is dyed by Maia of Tactile Fiber Arts, who I met years ago as she was getting started with her business, and how I got the spinning bug in the first place.  Hopefully it will turn into a Christmas gift sometime this fall.  Don’t you believe in magic like that?  Just lovely, lovely stuff.

Yesterday I ventured out with my cousin and Mom for lunch – they were both wearing sweaters that I had made them (this one and this one), and kidding me for not adhering to the dress code.  Oops.  Fiber lunch fail.  Obviously no-one had told me.

And yesterday, because there is not enough for my body to deal with, I managed to thwak by forehead with one of those small red-and-white coolers that I was attempting to put away before my cousin showed up.  By lunch, my stomach wasn’t doing so well,  and the rest of the day I spent in bed hunkered down with a bad stomach and head, wondering what new ailment had popped up, and then it “hit” me – it was a small concussion.  Geez.  Pox and head thwaks.  At least the hurricanes decided to stay on the East Coast.

All the gloom and doom news is a downer, but this lovely piece that was posted on The Knit Wits Ravelry board was a big cheerer-upper. Take a look!
[Grrr. embedding not working – use this link]

Yarn Bombs: When Good Knitters Go Bad.

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this yarn is absolutely lovely! i am very impressed you spun it yourself! if i was a spinner i would have envy! hmmm, i may just have envy anyway because it is lovely yarn! sorry about your not feeling well. take care.

Thanks– the fiber was from the Llama Llama Knits closing sale, which was also where I took my beginning spinning class. I think it’ll be a cowl.

The Rev. Renee Rico Pastor, knitter, blogger, tweeter

Thanks for the well wishes. I had a friend just have a very serious brain bleed from a concussion, so I am not taking this lightly – watching my symptoms carefully. Fortunately, so far, so good, but things could change.

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