Taygete Blocking

The Taygete shawl knitting is done – a clever pattern that I enjoyed knitting (got a bit weary of the picot bind-off, but it looks great).  This shawl definitely needs to be blocked:



And even though I went to work for a couple of hours, I knew the knitting would not be lonely – Brandy oversaw everything:

And by the time I returned (only three hours later – I’m still a weakling, apparently), Izzie was also looking over things too:


And I did get some new blocking wires, although I didn’t use them today. More in a future post – they look pretty cool.

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Can’t begin to get Taygete correct. I scaled it down a bit, and have started over at least 6 times, when I finish the triangle I go to puk the lace stitches, and never have the correct count. I the first MC CO2 and Knit one row the first stripe? ANd is the center stitch CC. Thanks!!

Sorry to hear that you’ve had problem with Taygete. I can’t really help you – it’s now been more than 2 years since I knit this shawl, and I knit it according to the pattern.

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