The pox are fading here at Casa del Pox, to the point that this name will have to be retired at some point soon.  But with chicken pox, this does not mean that all is well and happy here.  What I have learned from this episode of sickness:

  • Chicken pox is not like the flu (at least for adults).  You may think you’ll be feeling better soon, but that does not make it so.
  • You can be non-infectious, yet still feel like crap out in the big wide world.   This is a cruel thing to someone forced to stay home for about 2 weeks already.
  • Just because you are well enough to knit does not mean you can do much that needs doing, like household chores or bill-paying.
  • An iPod touch is a crucial device is such situations – when you are in bed and can barely move a muscle, you can listen to podcasts and books, and check twitter and email in the prone position.

So the waiting continues.  The little chicks are finally peeking out of their nest on my balcony – so cute.  I will have to have the kitties inside a lot so they don’t get captured and played with.