FO: Milkweed Shawl

Have you ever had a “flash knit”?  By that I mean a knit that comes to you like a bolt of lightning saying, “Knit this now!” and you find yourself pulling yarn and needles out and simply doing what your hands do?

I had one of those happen to me on Friday. Thursday I learned that one our team that taught at Lake Tahoe was going to need brain surgery to relieve pressure on her brain from a subdural hematoma she sustained in a fall after she left our training.  It’s a miracle that she managed to make it home safely at all.  And thank goodness her doctors took her seriously and got her scanned and all.

Carol is such a dear, wonderful person, as well as a talented pastor, so as I prayed for her on Friday during her surgery, I realized that she’s going to have a recovery time afterwards, and I have yarn and needles.  And she lives in sheep country (Montana), so such things are worn all the time there.   I pulled out the lovely Pigeonroof Studios merino/cashmere/nylon blend that I had spun and didn’t know what to do with, and realized that (of course) garter stitch will most always be your friend with handspun, handpainted yarn, and knit another Milkweed shawl (rav link). It went at lightning speed – a flash knit.  Last night it was knit — looking lovely even before blocking:


and then this morning I put it to the magical powers of the wet block – and it’s really great:


Tomorrow I’ll pop into the mail priority, and it should get there within a day or two of Carol returning home if all goes well.
Milkweed Shawl3f

My healing continues, but slower than I’d wish.  I am no longer infectious (yay!), so I ventured out on a test run yesterday.  I went to the drug store to buy me and mom a few items, dropped by to see her for the first time in two weeks, with some of the beautiful lilies that I had been given, and some muffins that I had made yesterday morning.  By the time I left, I was pretty tired and hungry.  I stopped and got a smoothie and bagel sandwich, and with grit made it home completely wrung out.  The virus has left me with no energy.  I spent the rest of the afternoon in the horizontal position, or close to it.  So, this morning I am at home and not at church.  Which is a bummer and I’d really like to see folks, but that’s where things stand.  Thank goodness for the knitting.