Signs of Life – one step at a time

Today at Casa del Pox I had more than a couple of delightful things happen.

First, the squawking of the birds that have been hanging out in my eaves had a new noise — very high pitched squeeks.  The eggs have hatched, and we have new little ones on the balcony.  This will make the kitties forays onto the balcony more restricted – especially as the babies grow and need to learn to fly.  I’m a little concerned that this batch has been hatched this late – I hope they will be strong enough to go whereever these birds go when it is time.

Second, I had a visitor who crossed the death threshold.  My cousin Marie I guess is convinced that I have the chicken pox (she’s had it) and not some other crazy virus and brought me some home-cooked food, kitty food and litter, and leftover blueberry pancakes from the place she and my Mom went to lunch. All good.  And it was nice to actually talk to someone in person rather than on the phone.  Family rocks!

Third, I’m still tired, but this afternoon, I got a bit of my knitting mojo back – I’ve started the Candelabra Socks (rav link) by Chrissy Gardiner.  The yarn is Miss Babs Yummy in the Kiwi colorway.

Candelabra Sock1a

I decided to follow another knitter’s suggestion and use highlighters to mark the different cables and special stitches.  In this case, I copied the chart on my printer/scanner/copier with the zoom up to about 115%, and then hand-colored with highlighter pens. It really helps!

Candelabra Chart

Fourth, I have to admit that probably one of the events that I was looking forward to most at Sock Summit was the Flash Mob.  I had learned the routine, done a practice with my friends, was planning impromptu teach ins upon request.  And all the looks of it – it turned out to be a great time.  Ah well, at least I got to see a YouTube video.  This one is fun because you can hear hizKnits laugh at the end!

and finally, a lovely reader in Germany has offered to procur me a skein of Wollmeise at the annual sale after reading about my cancelled trip to Sock Summit.  This is a lovely and amazing offer that I will definitely not turn down – and I will report when the goodie arrives to celebrate with everyone.  Thanks, Liesl!

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