Can you believe that I have FUO – fever of an unexplained origin – it started just at the end of our coffee time yesterday at church – requiring me to cancel my flash mob dance practice for sock summit and crawl into bed like a small whimpering child.

This is horribly bad timing – I’m scheduled to head out to Sock Summit on Wednesday afternoon on a road trip with my buddies, I have some things to take care of before I leave, and even with tylenol and the like the fever is hovering higher than I’d like.

FUO — I have no other major symptoms – I’ve been having a slight rash on my neck, and a bit of arthritis pain in my hands. Hopefully this is just a bad bug that my body is fighting and it will all be over soon. Warning: don’t Google FUO or you will get the crap scared out of you – I know this from personal experience.

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