Sock Summit Countdown Begins

I’m just back from a week of teaching other pastors some of what I know about transitional ministry.  The program is at Zephyr Point Conference Center right on Lake Tahoe – I forget ’til I get there how beautiful it all is.  We literally take sunset breaks each evening. This year, we had some lovely compliments about our education event, and one person told me that I am truly a teacher, which I think is fundamentally my identity – it’s no accident that I teach in three completely different environments (a church, a pool, and a yarn store).  I plan to ponder that more – how I can be living out that identity more and more.

Along the week, a pair of socks got completed:

For Eloise Socks

They will be contributed at the For Eloise Shower at Sock Summit.

I spun a little too (merino/bamboo dyed in indigo from Tactile Fibers):

I made a tiny bit of progress on Rachel’s sweater:


It’s probably a couple of hours of knitting away from completion – and since her birthday isn’t ’til mid-August, I’ve got some time to finish it.

But my real focus in coming back is Sock Summit.  I was totally envious of those who brought back the amazing reports of their experiences in 2009, and I might have noted that I wasn’t at Sock Summit, including working on a pair of socks.  This year, I’m going, and on a road trip with knitting friends that I don’t get to spend enough time with  — a lovely combination.  So the countdown begins with:

  • What projects to take?  I mean, you’ve got to be knitting at sock summit, so I want a couple of things that are small and portable. Oh, and a bit of spinning – but that’s already covered.
  • Clothing – it looks like the weather in Portland will be beautiful – yay!  An important sub-category is any knitwear that I might bring to wear.  My linen shells will be perfect for layers.
  • Meet-ups – I plan to make contact with some of my favorite podcasters, particularly Carin and Rick of The Knit Wits, and scan for the Knitterati at the event.
  • Practicing for the Super-Secret Flash Mob thing – tomorrow our little group will have another practice so we look good
  • Snacks – my room at the Motel 6 (!) has a fridge, and I usually try to do breakfast in the room because I’m not a good morning person and I don’t eat big breakfasts.
  • Camera – because there will be plenty of fun to share without revealing any super-secret things vendors want to keep private.
  • Non-Sock Summit planning – a trip to Powells, perhaps some beer experiences, and seeing the beauty of the place we’re going…

Then there’s getting into the Portland vibe – this video is helpful (via @knittydotcom):

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