Tour de Fleece: a modest goal

Last year, I really got excited about Tour de Fleece, but then I ordered my fleece fiber too late, my schedule got crazy, and the fiber got spun up much, much later.

This year, I wasn’t going to be fleecing, then I happened to get the spinning bug again, so I dove into my stash to look for something new to work on. For me, it’s Tussah silk, from A Verb for Keeping Warm, that I bought at least a year and a half ago.

It’s only an ounce, but it’s new to me to spin 100 percent silk, so I’m going to go with this.  I tried a 2-ply as a sample, and wasn’t that happy with it, other than it was beautiful fiber.  As I pondered what to do, I fortunately saw a Ravelry post by Abby Franquemont on spinning this fiber as a loosely spun single, and then really finishing (alternating hot/cold baths, lot’s of whacking)  it so it blooms.  I did a small test bit yesterday, and am thrilled with how it’s coming out:

Tussah Silk Sample

This may be all that I do  in the 10 days or so before my schedule is no longer mine, but I also have a couple of ounces of merino/bamboo that I got at the closing sale for Llama Llama Knit.

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