Why fiber friends matter

I love my fiber friends.   For so many years of knitting, I was a “monastic” knitter and was pretty much on my own, except for books.  Since I got fiber friends, everything changed – I began to take more risks as a knitter, learned about all the online resources, found great support in trying times, and my stash grew exponentially.

Yesterday, as the Marin County Fair opened, not one, but two knitters called me to share their excitement at my results of items entered in the Fair.  Jillian called because she volunteers at the fair, and had seen some ribbons, and even offered me her extra pass into the fair.  Then Leslie called and even sent photos — and told me what I’d won – which is kinda cool to know walking in how things will turn out.  She even sent photos!

This year will be a good one with prizes for me personally, but I’ve learned to temper those celebrations – so much depends on what other folks entered, and the subjective point of view of the judges.  What I am most interested in seeing is whether this year’s judging actually takes into account whether the garments are wearable by the average person.

Here’s one of the photos – both the shawl (my original design) and the socks are mine.  Thanks, Les!


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Aw, thanks guys. I went to the fair yesterday, so I’ll post my thoughts soon on the whole deal. Gotta pick up those items today too.

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