I actually pulled out my sewing machine to make something to wear.   The reason:  pajama shorts.  I love to wear T-shirts, but finding what to wear on the bottom has been harder to find.  I like shorts, but finding nice fabric is hard – most of what is out there is for teen girls, and not very appropriate.  Madtownmama has written about the problems of finding PJs for kids, but it’s also out there for adults.

So, inspired by madtownmama, I got some fabric, a simple pattern for shorts/pants with elastic.  The fabric is half-price, and pattern was on sale for $2.  I bought enough fabric for 2 pairs of shorts, and maybe a top to match.   But I start simply by doing the shorts.  Pulling out the pattern, I realize that I remember exactly how to do this – which is pretty interesting.  I sewed a ton of things while a teenager — halter tops, peasant blouses, shorts, pants, dresses, etc.  My grandmother was a seamstress, and apparently I inherited some of her skills, as my mother didn’t sew anything but hems and buttons.

The fabric is quite cute — kitties and hearts:

and the shorts fit perfectly:


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Fun! I’m humbled that you were inspired by me. In the past few years, nearly all the sewing I’ve done has been elastic-waist pants and shorts in various sizes for my kids. I think I need to branch out!
The shorts turned out great. Maybe I need to make some for myself now…

Well, I think the idea was that this was an easy-peasy project – less an hour at the sewing machine, including the finishing of the seams (just zigzagging a trimmed seam). Now I want a matching top, and another pair of the shorts! Oh, and I need to sew a new shoulder seam on a knitted top, because the yarn keeps stretching, and it’s not fit to wear without something under it.

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