Knitting Deadlines

Sometimes I knit for deadlines – and often it’s a good thing.  Keeps me motivated to finish.  Take this sweater:


This is for my cousin Marie – her 2nd one in 12 months – I’m telling her to not get used to it.  Partly I think I did this because I sorta ripped the Twist I knit for her out of her hands to enter into the Marin County Fair – because I like the sweater, not because I think it’s gonna walk away with a big prize.  This sweater is a lovely one by Lorna Miser (yes, of Lorna’s laces), called Meets in the Middle Chevron Shell (rav link) – which can be done sleeveless, with short sleeves (I decided to adapt to 3/4 length sleeves per the recipients request). And yes, that’s me in my sweater (unfortunately after I gained weight post-sweater knitting) on the pattern page.  Although the pattern is just for one gauge of yarn (and the pattern co hoping you’ll buy the different patterns for different gauges) the pattern is actually a bunch of rectangles, so get out your calculator if you use a  different gauge. While my latest one is in solid yarn, it springs to life in varigated yarns too!

Izzie wants everyone to know that she still lives here too, despite all the attention lavished on Brandy, and she is still on knitting feline inspection duty:


The other deadline I was on was knitting up a bunch of preemie hats out of leftover sock yarn – I was going to hand them into the Knitmore Girls at the Retzlaff Winery spinning day tomorrow. But I’ve decided I have to go on a money diet, which means knitting and spinning from the stash only), and save my precious $ for Sock Summit, so these will wait for a place to send them along:

Preemie Hats

Now, Marie’s daughter Rachel has finally checked her email and would like a CeCe sweater – what a great choice – and I’ll have to start working on that – her birthday is in August – a new deadline for me!