FO: Tradisi Shawl

The Tradisi Shawl was the brainchild of Katie, who designed it to be a fundraiser for a well in Indonesia.  It’s a good pattern.

My shawl is a “unique” version of it, which is to say that

  1. I cast-on at the wrong spot;
  2. Failed to read the instructions about the charts
  3. Did a lousy graft to supposedly fix the problem of casting on at the wrong spot.  Project went into time-out for a few weeks.
  4. Then discovered that in the graft I managed to cast-on at another wrong spot
  5. Furthermore, in all the craziness, I couldn’t figure out the repeats, so to use the yarn up (it’s Bugga, after all), I made the edgings asymmetrical, which didn’t turn out all that badly.

All of that is now behind me.  I look at the shawl, and love it.  I love the color, I love the feel of the bouncy yarn, I love the lace pattern, and I love using light beads for a bit of bling.  For a crazy-making project, it sure turned out to please me.








On the Brandy front, the vet appointment was very good.  She had (has) ticks – most came off at the vets, I found a few last night, she got shaved on her tummy and sides because of the matting and foxtails in them sticking her, plus some fluids (very dehydrated), an antibiotic, and updates on her vaccinations.  She gets lots of her favorite wet foods, and we’re hoping for very good things.  She’s pretty tired still, but Izzie is sticking close, so she’s got her bodyguard.

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Yes, Brandy is getting more energy, and hopefully will start putting on weight soon. The scarf will be fine now that it’s done and I’m wearing it – but I do want to do the pattern again and get it “right.”

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