Something New: a Moebius

I do like to learn new techniques, and I have the perfect opportunity with the publication of What Would Madame DeFarge Knit? It’s an edited collection of patterns, inspiration (and links to recipes!) from Heather Ordover of the Craftlit podcast.  There’s the Hyde Hoodie that I’m thinking of making for my young cousin who hasn’t gotten a sweater from me in a while – but I’d like to see a couple of more photos first.

There are some pretty cool patterns in the book – here’s the Ravelry page of wwmdfk so you can take a look.  I got inspired to do a moebius cowl – where the hardest part is really the cast-on.  Rather than buy any books on this, I just went to YouTube and found a bunch of videos that demonstrate the technique, which, if you’ve done other provisional cast-ons, won’t seem that difficult. It’s nice to add this technique to my knowledge base.  After that, you basically knit some lace in the round, but it looks more impressive than that!

My yarn is something I bought years ago – so long ago that I frankly don’t remember when/where I got it – I suspect it was at a Stitches West, but it could have been at a fiber event in North Carolina.  Anyway, the colors are great, and with 1oo percent fingering alpaca, should be delightful.

Bertha's Moebius1b


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5 thoughts on “Something New: a Moebius

  1. That is how I learned the moebius cast on: YouTube! Isn’t it the best? I also bought the WWMDK on ebook, but so far, have not queued anything. Think I will go look again! Happy Mom’s Day!

    • There are a few patterns that I would like to knit out of WWMDFK. And the stories behind the designs are pretty fun to read as well – a little more literary than usual.

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