Day 15

It’s been 15 days since Brandy disappeared.  It’s an up and down thing.  I’ve had folks with probably sightings, and probably some weren’t her, but I think a couple of them might have been.  The trap caught one cat, but since then, nothing.  Today I’m planning to go around and put flyers at each door, and meet the neighbors if they are home.  I’ll continue to put out the trap.  Still checking with all the shelters, etc.

In more fiber related news, I’ve figured out how to improvise a lazy kate for my interchangeable KCL spindle. See?  I’m using a small organizing basket that I had (they cost less than $10), and then I put the spindles with the fiber on them into the small square holes.

Spindle Kate
Then I used my super-duper method of holding the spindles –Yes, those are rubber bands.  If I get to a hardware store, I’ll buy some nuts to use.

Spindle Kate 2

Now I feel like I can spin much more efficiently, and no special equipment required!


At least it’s working

Kitty watch:  I moved the trap outside the stairwell, and as I was driving back from teaching water aerobics today, I got a phone call from my neighbor that a kitty was in it. Hope reigned!  I sped home, and by the time I got there, my neighbor Kristin was already downstairs (with a kitty carrier bless her), but it was not my cat – there’s a large grey cat in the neighborhood.  But at least the trap works.  Just now, another neighbor kitty was sniffing around the trap – the tuna is such good stuff!

In other news, I took yesterday off (just exhausted from everything), and finished the sock, which I’m finding very cute, to tell the truth:

Caesar's Check Sock1eCaesar's Check Sock1c
Caesar's Check Sock1dCaesar's Check Sock1b


Slogging Along

I’m happy to report that my Mom got out of the hospital yesterday, and she is back at her assisted living home.  Hopefully we’ve got a plan for her to stay strong and keep the pain at bay.

On the kitty front – we’ve heard kitty meows near the building, including even one of the neighbor cats, but so far, we can’t find a kitty, and the trap has remained empty.  All the neighbors on alert, just hoping that something changes.

More progress on the sock, but life has been pretty busy.


At Both Ends

On Brandy watch – another couple of sightings by neighbors, and dry food that I’m leaving out seems to be getting eaten – all very good.  She is right here, and I’m going to try to get a trap for her.

On Mom watch – I wasn’t happy with how my Mom looked this week – getting weaker, and in a lot of pain.  So I bundled her up and took her to the ER (because the ortho practice wouldn’t get her in), and feeling perhaps a bit wasteful of our medical $$.  As it turns out, it was a good thing – her doc took blood work (which I kinda wondered at), and found that she was low in sodium – an important electrolyte, especially if you have heart issues, which she does.  It explains a lot, fortunately. She got admitted, and I’ll be heading over soon – we’re trying to figure out how this happened.

At least there was time for some knitting at the hospital. A gal on Ravelry a while back said that she had some Lorna’s Laces sock yarn that she didn’t like and would give way, so I immediately said, “Me, Me!”  I’m using one of the patterns from Sensational Socks a mosaic pattern called Caesar’s Check (rav link) – and I think they are looking very cute:

Caesar's Check Sock1a


Things I have learned about my neighborhood

  1. There are some pretty great neighbors around.  The pet owners, especially, have been wonderful as I search.
  2. There are owls in my neighborhood.
  3. The tennis players at the park are really nice.
  4. Jack rabbits can really startle you at midnight.
  5. I can cat whisper the neighbor cats with no problem.  They are delightful, but not Brandy.
  6. There’s a lot of secret stashing of “treasure” in stairwells in the apartment complex.  Huge TVs, plastic totes of who knows what…

I got my first lead in a few days about an hour ago.  A guy in the apartment building behind mine think he saw Brandy this morning while walking his two golden labs.  I’m thrilled if she is this close!  Just went calling all over and around that building and the hill behind (adding in audio effects (hitting spoon against food dish) and video (laser tag toy), but now I think I’ll set my alarm for 4 or 5 am (shudder) to look for her then.


On Kitty Watch

Here at Chez Revknits, we are on kitty watch.  Brandy, pictured below with handknits, has still not shown up or been discovered.


To say that Isadora and I are sad and distraught about this is an understatement. Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and concern, and ideas for how to search. I have talked with neighbors, put up signs, left out favorite wet food (untouched), contacted and visited the local Humane Society, looked for her in the early morning and late at night (although I haven’t yet done the 1 am to 5 am – maybe tonight). I’ve got the little girls in the neighborhood helping – they’ve been great. This morning I hunted in the repair shed of the apartment complex with the return of the staff. Still hoping for the best.

I finally got a shot of the Mobius on – I really do like it a lot, and it will be a lovely warmer weather item. There’s a knitter at my church who teaches math, and I showed it to her, because most peoples’ eyes glaze over when you say mobius to them, but she understood right away.

Bertha's Cowl1e


One of those days

Let’s be clear:  I’m not superstitious.  I don’t throw salt over my shoulder, worry about ladders or mirrors, and I’ve owned black cats (who were all delightful).  But yesterday, Friday the 13th,  was one of those days. I noticed that my blog software is labelling this post no. 2, so I’ve been here before, apparently.

It started with trying to get the “check engine” light off in my car – I tried adding oil, hoping that was the issue. Nope. And I haven’t done any work (other than in SoCal last year) other than get an oil change) in so long that I don’t have a regular mechanic.  Yeah, being a Toyota owner (of one of the older ones) is not a bad thing, ’til yesterday.

Then I visited my Mom, who is struggling with pain and side-effects of pain medication – that wasn’t fun for her or me.

I got home late, only to find one of my kitties, the lovely Brandy – nowhere to be seen.  I keep the door to the 2nd floor balcony open so they can enjoy the fresh air – I’m guessing she had an unintentional fly down.  I looked and looked (it was a pretty cool evening), called and called, even brought down some kitty food to attract her. Nothing.

This morning:  still no kitty. The posters are up in the neighborhood, I’ve emailed the local Humane Society, and will take a trip up as soon as they open.  Unfortunately, there is a large hill behind my apartment, slightly woodsy, so she could have gone up there and gotten lost.  Sigh.

In the midst of all that is awful in the world, these are smaller issues, but I would totally appreciate any prayers you can send my way!


FO: Bertha’s Mad, Mysterious Mobius

The mobius came out well:

Bertha's Cowl1b.JPG

the yarn’s colors just glow:

Bertha's Cowl1c.JPG
Bertha's Cowl1d.JPG
I made the mobius much narrower than the pattern would have required – mostly it was planned that way because I didn’t have enough yarn for a wider version, but then it turns out that this was a great idea because I am a short person, and I wanted a cowl for the warmer, coolish weather that we have here in the SF Bay Area.  Pattern:  Bertha’s Mad, Mysterious Mobius, my Rav project details here: Renee’s mobius

And it was lovely to get together with Mom on Mother’s Day.  She had already partied hard at Cinco de Mayo festivities where she lives, and even danced, but we had a lovely time with my cousin and her family at a buffet lunch on Sunday.  I have to admit that it is nice for all concerned to walk straight into the dining room, have a lovely meal with decent service on such a day.  See, my mom is even wearing her Mondo Cable Cardigan:

Renee & Helen

She’s not feeling great this week, so I brought over the newly remastered Pride & Prejudice miniseries (the one with the divine Colin Firth), and that definitely lifted her spirits.  He has magical powers of healing, I am sure of it!


Something New: a Moebius

I do like to learn new techniques, and I have the perfect opportunity with the publication of What Would Madame DeFarge Knit? It’s an edited collection of patterns, inspiration (and links to recipes!) from Heather Ordover of the Craftlit podcast.  There’s the Hyde Hoodie that I’m thinking of making for my young cousin who hasn’t gotten a sweater from me in a while – but I’d like to see a couple of more photos first.

There are some pretty cool patterns in the book – here’s the Ravelry page of wwmdfk so you can take a look.  I got inspired to do a moebius cowl – where the hardest part is really the cast-on.  Rather than buy any books on this, I just went to YouTube and found a bunch of videos that demonstrate the technique, which, if you’ve done other provisional cast-ons, won’t seem that difficult. It’s nice to add this technique to my knowledge base.  After that, you basically knit some lace in the round, but it looks more impressive than that!

My yarn is something I bought years ago – so long ago that I frankly don’t remember when/where I got it – I suspect it was at a Stitches West, but it could have been at a fiber event in North Carolina.  Anyway, the colors are great, and with 1oo percent fingering alpaca, should be delightful.

Bertha's Moebius1b



Because Moms Matter

I’m not a huge fan of the Hallmark holidays – after all, creating inventions that require the purchase of your product is kinda suspicious.

Here’s an alternative.  Check it out.