Yak-ing It Up – the Spinning Edition

Last year, I bought some lovely silk-merino blend top from A Verb for Keeping Warm. Later, I found some fiber in the same lovely Azure colorway for sale on their website, and bought it. At the time, I thought it was the same fiber as what I had gotten at the show. Turns out, it was actually a 50-50 yak-silk blend – a total luxury fiber, but not helpful with my plan for a three-ply of the silk-merino.

It sat for a while. Truth be told, I wasn’t getting a good spinning result – there’s a bit of stickiness to the yak, but it is so soft and lovely. Finally, I started back spinning it, and just finished plying this morning – lovely 2-ply. This is how it looked off the spindles:


Kinda bumpy, not as lovely as it will be. I set the twist. Izzie was intrigued by the yak smell, and I had to chase her away from the sink more than once:

The end result is lovely:

I’m thinking of a small lace shawlette, the feel is so wonderful, and the drape is sublime!

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