FO: Kingscot – I like it a lot!

Final feline review and inspection is done:


It’s done, and I like it a lot:


This is a lovely sweater, and a nice pattern. The yarn is totally my color. The fit is good – a slightly slouchy knit, and I don’t have any of those very comfy sweaters that you just toss on and go with. I got the yarn on a good sale, so it was a steal to knit. But…

sigh. It is not the Twist cardigan that I knit for my cousin. I like my sweater, and will probably use it a lot, but it is not THE cardigan that I have been dreaming of. I think it’s time to bite the bullet, order the Madelinetosh that I have been lusting for the past several months, and knit myself a Twist.

To review my modifications:

  1. I added two inches to the body of the sweater to the armhole.
  2. Knit in one piece to the armholes (no side seams).
  3. Did a V-neck in pattern on the front.
  4. Added back neck shaping.
  5. Used I-cord edging along the fronts and neck instead of the ribbing called for.

Full project notes here:  revknits’ Kingscot

One nit-picky thing about this pattern that irritated me was the lack of back-neck shaping.  Seriously?  This is a knitterly pattern for which I’m paying $7.00, and they don’t even bother?  Several of the Ravelry project notes state that this is a problem, and yes, it is.  So I did it myself, but I know how to do that, and researched that I should do it.

I’m not sure that I’ll do a closure, I enjoy using small pins on the my sweaters so that they get used.

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