Blog Post Drive-by

I’ve been coping with illness for more than a week – finally figured out that it is probably a sinus infection.  Some knitting has happened, although surprisingly not as much as I would think – guess I really am sick.

The Kingscot sweater is looking good – here’s the body (unblocked):


It always amazes me how sad a knit can look before blocking and assembling. I made it longer than the pattern – for most bodies, including even my short one, 13 inches is not necessarily a flattering length. The back and fronts were knit in one piece, because this is a sport/DK weight yarn, so I’m not really worried that it needs side-seams to hold its shape.  I’m doing the sleeves now, in the round, two-at-a-time with magic loop.

The Tradisi scarf is started:


although because I sick (I’m sticking to that as the reason) I had to tink a few rows and re-knit because I wasn’t getting the right pattern.  I’m on the second repeat now, and things are going much better!