More Cleaning Up Than I’m Used To Doing

I like to get things tided up around the New Year, since with my schedule, the apartment often gets ignored in December. This year, it was worse than usual. Boxes from my Mom’s house, papers for the house sale and move. It was all crazy. I knew it had gone beyond the pale when the kitties stopped hanging out in the office/guest room, not that you could tell it was that, it looked more like the local storage unit. Before Christmas, I had gotten the other rooms up to their usual (not-very-high) standards so that I could enjoy the holidays, but hadn’t touched this room.

So, as I’ve seen folks say, I put on my big girl panties and am tackling the project. Out went some old papers in the filing cabinet that I’ve barely used, in went my Mom’s files so I can now find them. Out went the bedspread that I used to pack things of my Mom’s, the blankets got washed. I even checked into Medicare options for coverage for my Mom.

Now I can actually see the floor for the most part, almost everything that will stay fits in the closet. The desk is still a wreck, that’s for the next couple of days, but we are very close to actually being a functional room.

I needed some fibery rewards for this mania of organizing and cleaning, and it came in the form of perfecting a new technique – navajo-plying on the fly on a spindle. I used this lovely fiber:

100% Merino fiber from A Verb for Keeping Warm in the Ashland Bay sage colorway. Merino, I know!!! But this was on sale, I love the colorway, and I figure if I can navajo-ply merino, I’ll be able to do it with almost any fiber. So far, I’ve spun about 0.7 of a ounce. There have been issues, but all in all, I’m ok with it: